YouTuber Gets Hands On With PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

PlayStation 5 dev kits are rare, very rare. But that didn’t stop Macho Nacho Productions from getting his hands on one and revealing it all in a new YouTube video.

Only one PlayStation 5 dev kit has hit the market in the past when in 2021, a listing appeared on eBay selling the console. However, the listing was removed after the console hit 2850 Euros.

The YouTube video does not allow us to see much in terms of the console’s inner workings, as the kit wasn’t previously activated by a developer. It does though, give us an in-depth look into the unusual looks on the console.

Images of the console are few and far between, so such an in-depth look is a breath of fresh air. Macho Nacho Productions has also said that they’ll be more videos on the PlayStation 5 dev kit will be coming soon on his second YouTube channel.

Of course, the Xbox Series X has a development kit too. Earlier this year, Linus Tech Tips managed to get their hands on an Xbox Series X development kit, which you can check out in their YouTube video.

Earlier this month, Insider Gaming exclusively broke the news that the PlayStation 5 will be getting an overhaul of sorts in 2023. The new console, currently named the D chassis will come with a detachable disc drive.

It’s understood that Sony is expected to produce around 30 million PlayStation 5’s in FY 2023.

Sony Interactive has reported that as of June 2022, the company has shipped over 21.7 million PlayStation 5 consoles. So, if these production figures are to be believed, it suggests that the company is expecting a significant ramp-up post-pandemic as hardware becomes easier to obtain.