PlayStation 5 Adding Community Game Clip Feature ‘Later This Year’

In a new blog post today, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 Game Help feature is getting an update “later this year” to support community game clips.

The new Community Game Help feature will allow players to easily access or contribute game clips to help fellow fans. Players will also get to “access Game Help hints created by developers”.

However, these features will only be available “in supported games”. PlayStation did not confirm a list of titles that will support Community Game Help, though today’s article showcases Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

PlayStation did confirm that “our goal is to expand it to as many titles as possible in the future”.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Game Help

Players can freely choose to participate or opt out of the Community Game Help feature anytime.

PlayStation adds that the process is “done automatically, so you don’t need to edit or upload your clips for submission”. That should encourage players to engage a bit more. Editing out unnecessary footage, even for a big win, can get tiresome.

When players discover community-contributed clips, they can also “rate the usefulness of these hints”. This should help prevent unwanted trolling, unclear clips, or even misplaced clips.

Interested streamers don’t have to worry about other audio or images appearing, since “only your raw game footage will be uploaded”. But online IDs and chat messages can show up in some games.

PlayStation might announce a list of supported titles in Community Game Help feature soon. Today’s blog promises “more details as we get closer to the launch”.

PlayStation fans are also looking forward to the PlayStation 5 Pro. Insider Gaming exclusively discussed specs about it last week. Some details included the system memory, CPU, and audio capabilities.

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