PayDay 3 Joins The List of Broken Game Launches

payday 3

PayDay 3 has joined the ever-increasing list of broken game launches following server issues.

The ongoing problems with the game’s servers has resulted in the official PayDay account tweeting that they’ll be turning the game servers offline between 8AM and 11AM CEST on Tuesday and Friday to “improve server and matchmaking stability”.

Increasing frustration for some has resulted in them expressing their frustration online and asking for refunds.

Twitter user @Kimberl39546189 said, “No more headaches, no more stress, my son got a full refund on that damn stupid game payday3. Thank goodness.”

“I would like a refund for payday3 please. Due to policy ps will not refund, however, due to server instability I’m sick of this game now. I no longer want it”, said another user.

The ongoing problems have even led one disgruntled player to launch a petition to get the game refunded. Granted, the petition has only seen 100 signatures at the time of writing, but the number continues to climb showing players’ frustrations.

PayDay 3 on Steam has not been rated “Mostly Negative”, with over 23,000 people reviewing the game.

It’s unclear whether or not the server improvements will actually fix the server issues on not, but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

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