Path of Exile 2 Gets a Brief Development Update

path of exile 2

Path of Exile 2 has been in development for years, and for the longest time, absolutely nothing has been shown about the title. However, during the Summer Game Fest, a brief snippet was uncovered, revealing a small window of what the in-development title looks like today.

It has been ten years since the original Path of Exile was released, and the ‘follow-up’ game (that could be considered an update of the first game) is said to be released in 2023 – but we’ve had no confirmation of that so far. It has been subject to postponements over the years following its reveal in 2019, but it’s finally getting close to being released.

Path of Exile 2 May Be Here Soon

The dual-campaign title that’s essentially a sizeable DLC to Path of Exile (2013) will introduce a brand new story made up of seven acts that will be a separate offering to the first game. There’s also an all-new skill system and some fresh classes, just to make Path of Exile 2 feel like its own game.

Sadly, no release date was given in the brief snippet that surfaced during Summer Game Fest, but perhaps we’ll find out something more on that front very soon.

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