Nintendo Wants To Stop Console Scalping

Nintendo Wants To Stop Console Scalping
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

When the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, there was a significant problem with supply and demand. The company couldn’t keep up with early production, leading to several consoles ending up in the hands of scalpers looking to take advantage of those genuinely wanting the latest Nintendo console. Now, Nintendo wants to stop console scalping altogether.

To combat the problem, Nintendo says that it is going to look at various ways to make sure players can actually get their next console. The company wants to make sure people simply can’t just buy a system to resell for profit.

“With regard to resale measures when launching new hardware, we recognize that the most important thing is to first produce and ship in numbers that can meet customer demand,” Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said during a recent shareholder Q&A. “We will then consider whether there are any other possible measures that can be taken.”

As far as when that next console is coming, that remains a mystery. There have been more and more hints to it being in development, but nothing concrete has come from Nintendo on the matter.

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