Nintendo Japan Refuses to Repair Products From Customers That Harass Its Staff

A new policy update by Nintendo’s Japanese arm now allows its staff to refuse to repair or replace products from customers that harass or threaten them. First spotted by Kyodo News, the policy update came in October 2022.

Nintendo’s site now states that Nintendo could refuse to repair or replace a product if a customer displays one or more of the following:

  • intimidation or threats
  • insulting or denigrating remarks
  • invasion of privacy
  • excessive demands, such as for a free repair when the warranty has expired
  • demanding an apology from Nintendo or its staff without reasonable cause
  • excessively repeating the same request or complained
  • defamatory comments  on social networks or websites

Nintendo told Kyodo News “We made the decision after concluding our customers would understand because of the reputation we have built of faithfully responding to them.”

The update comes as online harassment and threats become ever more common within the industry.

Kansai University social psychology professor Hiromi Ikeuchi, an expert in consumer psychology, said the decision from Nintendo was timely. “In recent years, posts on social media have made visible the harassment various industries are exposed to, and consumer attitudes are also changing,” she said.

“As a result, Nintendo has successfully kept up with the times by making a decision that society was ready to accept,” Ikeuchi added.

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