Nexus Mods Still Facing Issues Because of Fallout

fallout 4 nexus mods

Since April 19, Nexus Mods – arguably the leading mod repository in the world – has been reporting traffic-based issues and server capacity problems. It recognised that this was – and still is – being caused by ‘the popularity of the Fallout TV series’. In the last week or so, hundreds of thousands of people have found their way into the ecosystem, with peak player counts on certain games soaring – and lots of those players are hunting for the best Fallout mods to use.


One of the elements that has kept the likes of Fallout 4 going for so long is the sheer density of mods available on PC. There are tens of thousands of mods that alter everything from the quality of water to the weapon physics – and then there are the bizarre mods that turn Deathclaws into Macho Man Randy Savage, but that’s a conversation for another day.

For days, Nexus Mods has been reporting a slowdown of the service as traffic has increased to epic proportions, and it’s all thanks to the rampant popularity of Fallout right now. The series has blown up on all platforms, smashing player count records and introducing countless people to a series that, up until now, they might never have even heard too much about. That’s the power of the Fallout TV show – which, by the way, is amazing.

While it’s not necessary to run mods on Fallout 4, for example, it does boost your experience immeasurably. I have around 150 mods installed on my game on PC, and some of the alterations offer a monumental boost to the quality of life in-game.

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