Next ROG Ally Is Being Teased Today

rog ally top

The ASUS ROG Ally was released on June 13, 2023, and there are already anticipations of what’s coming next for the top-tier handheld gaming device. Built on solid foundations and boasting a Windows 11 operating system, the ASUS ROG Ally can play plenty of games at a high enough spec to be considered a powerhouse of technology, but it has been hampered slightly by battery-based concerns.

On YouTube, there’s a video scheduled to drop at 8 PM BST (3 PM EDT) that’s simply titled ‘The next ROG Ally is coming…’

What’s Next?

In the description for the video, which you can check out below, it’s written that the presenters are ‘getting hyped about new impending ROG Ally hardware’. That could mean a full reveal or a conceptual discussion on what might come next – nobody really knows.

It might seem a bit premature, given that the first anniversary of the ROG Ally is only just approaching. In the last year or so, the concept of handheld PC-based gaming has exploded, with many manufacturers getting in on the action: Lenovo, MSI, Valve, Logitech, and so on.

We’ll know more about the next ROG Ally in a few hours.

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