New Vegas Fans Flock to Nevada Town to Celebrate The Game

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This weekend marked the second annual ‘Fallout New Vegas Fan Celebration Days’ event, an on-theme tribute to 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas. In something of a branded takeover, Fallout fans from around the world descended on Goodsprings, Nevada, a small town with a population of around 200 people, located some twenty-five miles away from the Las Vegas Strip. But why?

Well, the opening sequence to Fallout: New Vegas is set in Goodsprings – it’s where the player wakes up after being attacked (by the late Matthew Perry’s character) and ultimately creates their character, beginning an epic journey across one of the greatest Fallout games of all time.

To The Saloon!

The Fallout New Vegas Fan Celebration Days are hosted by the owners of the Pioneer Saloon, an iconic fixture in New Vegas. Well, it’s called the ‘Prospector Saloon’ in the game. It was built in an almost like-for-like fashion in the 2010 Obsidian title and it serves as the perfect place for a coming-together of die-hard Fallout fans.

This year, lovers of the post-apocalyptic franchise turned up to celebrate the series by hosting a cosplay competition, inviting Fallout creators and voice actors to attend the festivities, and enjoying live music, themed food and drink, and some charity-focused activities. There was a trivia contest, meet and greets, and some of the best Fallout vibes you’ll ever see.

It’s only the second time that this event has been held, and for fans of the series, it looked like a hoot. There was a solid level of investment by all involved, and it was nothing but wholesome, clean fun all around.

Here’s to 2024’s edition of the Fallout New Vegas Fan Celebration Days.

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