Tarkov Event Based on Community Feedback Live Now

tarkov event

Battlestate Games has kickstarted a new event in Escape from Tarkov, basing the parameters of that event on community feedback obtained on social media platforms. In the last few days, the head of the studio at Battlestate, Nikita Buyanov, was fielding suggestions and ideas from the community that was so disappointed when BSG revealed recent controversial changes to the game.

New Tarkov Event Is An Experiment

On Twitter, Battlestate Games wrote:

As an experiment, we have removed the “Found in Raid” requirement for placing offers on the Flea Market for PvP and PvE modes. We will closely monitor player feedback during the event, and make additional balancing adjustments if necessary.

In the most recent round of changes, which are live now in-game, Battlestate adjusted loot balancing (based on feedback) and increased the chance of rare loot spawning in certain areas. They’ve also tweaked inertia strength and boosted the overweight limit, allowing users to pick up more loot without suffering the consequences.

Further, BSG has boosted scav spawns on Interchange to make certain tasks easier, and adjusted the mechanics of the Flea Market to give players more ‘selling slots’.

Finally, The Lab is now free to enter, with BSG having removed the prerequisite that players have a Labs Keycard before they can get into this lucrative, intense map.

On social media channels, players have already responded positively to these changes, but many have recognised that this should be the standard and not a special, limited-time offering to the community.

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