Valve Officially Announces New Steam Deck OLED

New Steam Deck OLED

UPDATED: Steam has officially announced the new Steam Deck OLED just minutes after it was seemingly leaked by an RSS feed error.

Available starting November 16, the new “Limited Ed OLED screen comes with the new 512GB and 1TB models.

As far as the screen, it remains 1280×800 on a new 7.4″ diagonal display. Other features of the new Steam Deck OLED model include a new 50Whr battery for slightly longer battery life, a 6nm APU, Wi-Fi 6e, and a longer 2.5m charging cable.

The 512GB model will cost $549.99 while the 1TB model will set you back $649.99. The original models will see a price drop to $399 for the 256GB version and $449 for 512GB.

Valve added that the original 64GB and 512GB models are being phased out and will be sold at a discount until all stock is sold.

ORIGINAL: Valve is set to release a brand new version of the Steam Deck, one that features an OLED screen.

The device was spotted via a user on ResetEra. They found the new Steam Deck through Gamespot’s RSS feed when reading a separate article.

The Steam Deck first launched on February 25, 2022. Since then, the company has stated multiple times that Steam Deck 2 was years away. However, there was never a mention of an updated version of the current device.

The original version of the handheld PC features a 7″ 1280 x 800px (16:10) LCD.

As of publishing, there’s nothing more known about the new Steam Deck OLED. That, however, appears set to change imminently.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Valve for more and will provide an update when more information becomes available.

No matter what, it seems like the new Steam Deck is about to launch if there are outlets who’ve been able to unbox it and have a full look at the handheld.

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