New Prince of Persia Game Getting Mostly Negative Feedback

Prince of Persia Negative

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown isn’t getting the reception that Ubisoft likely hoped it would receive. Just over 24 hours after its reveal trailer went live, fans are showing their disappointment with negative feedback for the new Prince of Persia game.

The reveal trailer for the game has been posted on a number of channels, and we took a look at how it was performing on those of official console partners and Ubisoft’s own YouTube channel. And the results, well, aren’t great, Bob.

As of publishing, the videos on Nintendo’s, PlayStation’s, and Ubisoft’s channels have a total like count of around 19,500 likes. Using the power of the internet, the dislikes sit at around 43,000. Doing some simple math, that puts the positive votes around 33.2%.

If we were to go based on Steam’s rating scale, that leaves Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown sitting with a “mostly negative” response.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown launches on January 17, 2024, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

What do you think of the new Prince of Persia game getting a mostly negative response? For more Insider Gaming, see what studio is reportedly close to signing a deal with Nintendo for a Legend of Zelda movie.

  1. I think I get why. Ubisoft failed to get and do what Blizzard wisely did with Diablo 4. They should have returned to the darker, cooler more interesting sources of PoP 1 and 2 from the DoS era. PoP fans don’t want cartoons. We want a gritty, mysterious and somewhat scary adventure.

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