There’s a New Fallout Xbox Controller That You Can Custom Build

fallout xbox controller

The Xbox Design Lab has revealed an all-new Fallout-themed controller that can be customised to match the player’s desired aesthetic. This brand-new controller, which is exclusively available from the Design Lab, boasts a unique faceplate that’s plastered with Vault Boy iconography and a Vault-Tec logo, making it unmistakably a Fallout-themed product.

As it’s available on the Xbox Design Lab, users are invited to customise several aspects of the controller, including the design of the buttons and inputs, the grips on the controller, the coloured accents of the peripheral, and there’s also an option to have a username laser-etched onto the device – but it won’t show up well on this particular design.

Fallout Fans Need This

With the option to ‘Make it Yours’, Fallout fans the world over can get an exclusive collectable to show how much they love the post-apocalyptic franchise. It’s not known if this is a limited run or if it’s a permanent fixture on the Xbox Design Lab, so you’ll want to act fast to secure one for yourself.

At the base level, the Fallout controller will set you back $85, with the price tag rising to $115 if you want to include all the optional extras outlined above. It could be a piece of history if this is only a temporary run, though – and true Fallout fans are nothing if not die-hard collectors. Over the years, Bethesda (and associated companies) have released umpteen amounts of collector’s items based on the Fallout universe.

Are you going to invest in a new Fallout controller?

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