Netflix Has 90 Games In Development

Netflix Games

Netflix is serious about gaming. To show that, the company has released an update on what’s next for Netflix Games.

Netflix says that it launched 40 games in 2023, including the recently available Grand Theft Auto Trilogy. The company also debuted its first two self-developed games: Oxenfree II: Lost Signals and Netflix Stories: Love is Blind.

“By year’s end, we’ll have 86 games available —all included with every Netflix membership without ads, in-app purchases or extra fees,” Netflix said. “And with nearly 90 more games in development, we’re just getting started.”

Four games coming to the service in 2024 include Game Dev Tycoon, Sonic Mania Plus, FashionVerse, and the internally developed Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit. The company didn’t go into detail about what other types of games are being developed by internal studios.

Lastly, Netflix has been working on making games available from its service playable on both TV and PC. It’s been in testing for select users in the United States, Canada, and the UK with more locations and games coming as work continues.

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