Dave The Diver’s Dev is Making a PvPvE Zombie Survival Game


Dave The Diver was developed and published by Mintrocket this year, emerging as a casual but exciting and highly replayable adventure RPG that saw players assume control of… Well, Dave. It boasts ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews on Steam and has become critically acclaimed, so naturally, the developer is creating something else to maintain that momentum.

Introduce *checks notes* NAKWON, LAST PARADISE – an open-world zombie apocalypse stealth-survival game featuring player-vs-player mechanics. It’s a step away from deep-sea diving as a portly man named Dave, that’s for sure.

That’s Was Unexpected

NAKWON has just been officially revealed by Mintrocket with a new trailer, and while it looks quite good on the surface, it does have us questioning why on Earth the developer would take such a hard right away from the formula that so obviously worked in Dave The Diver.

In NAKWON, players enter an apocalyptic city, loot items, avoid detection, fight other players, and then escape to survive. It’s an extraction shooter of sorts, but it’s just one that’s fused with the undead. In the teaser trailer below, you can get a look at the game – but bear in mind, it’s an earlier build:

Reportedly, NAKWON will accommodate up to sixteen players all fighting to survive and make it through another day in the city of Yeouido – a restricted quarantine zone. There will be opportunities to battle other players and the undead roaming the city, but apparently, it’s best to stay quiet, as the zombies in NAKWON are actively hunting human survivors.

In a statement, the director of NAKWON, Jang Kyoung Han, said:

We wanted to make a real survival game where you have to hide, run away, eat, and survive in a world where Zombies hunt Humans, rather than the other way around. The game’s development started less than a year ago, but getting community feedback is going to be very important to us, and so we’d like to start sharing information early and openly.

It’s expected that NAKWON will be released on PC platforms exclusively – but it isn’t yet known when the game will drop.

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