MW3 To Feature Slide Cancel, Reload Cancel, and Snaking

slide cancel mw3

Call of Duty NEXT is revealing plenty of information about the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3. It’s due to drop on November 10th, and it looks like the developers have spared no expense when it comes to listening to community feedback this time around.

When Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2022, it featured many changes that irritated users. Most notable were the removals of both slide cancelling and reload cancelling, which impacted the overall pacing of the game.

But Guess What?

During the COD NEXT showcase, it was officially revealed that – as named – the slide cancel and reload cancel mechanics will be making a bold return in Modern Warfare 3. They’ve deliberately made a conscious effort to write these abilities into the game, placating users the world over.

However, there’s one feature that’s present in Modern Warfare 3 – even if unwittingly – that players won’t be too pleased to see.


For those not aware of that term, snaking is an exploit of sorts where a player mashes up sprint, crouch, prone, and ADS to pop up and down rapidly behind cover, essentially creating some mutated form of a chaotic head glitch. It makes them almost impossible to hit properly, and with each ‘pop up’, they can abuse aim assist to snap onto their enemies.

It was one of the biggest issues and one of the most widely debated elements of Modern Warfare 2, especially in the competitive scene, and it looks as though it’ll still be a problem in Modern Warfare 3.

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