Shipment to Receive Christmas Update in Modern Warfare 2

Nothing brings Call of Duty fans together like the map “Shipment” and Christmas. First released in the original Modern Warfare (2007), Shipment became a staple amongst the Call of Duty community.

The map was so small, providing fast-paced action you could not get with any other map at the time. Shipment was remastered for the Modern Warfare remaster in 2016 and came out again alongside the 2019 Modern Warfare.

The map has officially joined Modern Warfare 2, in the December 14 update, as Season 1 has officially been out for a month now,

Time to get festive. Shipment gets a Christmas update in a week!

With players already stomping through the new map, Call of Duty has announced that on December 21, the game will be receiving a Christmas-themed update.

This update will last all the way through January 4, giving players two weeks to enjoy the game’s festivities.

And yes, Shipment will be affected by this Christmas-themed update.

What time will the map be available on December 21?

The update will drop at 1 p.m. EST on December 21, so make sure to mark your calendars.

With two weeks to face off against others on this map, Christmas and New Years will be an adventure for those taking part. The map will feature all its amenities from past games and more.

So grab your eggnog and put on your ugliest sweater, because it is time to get festive in Modern Warfare 2’s Christmas update.

Will more be affected during the Christmas update?

Call of Duty fans can rejoice to know that not just Shipment will be receiving an update during the Christmas installment. The entire online multiplayer will feature holiday festivities. In addition to the map, players will also have Christmas tracers on their weapons (flashes red on impact).

Drop into your favorite map and celebrate the holidays, all while claiming the highest kill count in your lobby.