Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode Content Leaked by Dataminer

modern warfare 2 ranked mode

Wait, ‘Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode’? Isn’t that what we’ve been playing since launch? Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking that, given how punishing the SBMM is in Modern Warfare 2, but no – true Ranked is on the way, and thanks to the datamining efforts of one user on Twitter, we now know loads about it.

Recently, user @codsploitz_imgs published a series of shots revealing ranks, rules, a mode overview and a breakdown of all the tier and rank emblems for Modern Warfare 2’s impending Ranked Mode, which was expected to drop at the beginning of 2023.

Due to the images being actively DMCA’d by Activision, they’ve been sent privately to Insider Gaming, but we’re unable to show them.

But boy, are they juicy!

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode Is Coming

We knew it was coming, but this leak provided by @codsploitz_imgs on Twitter offers up something much more tangible than just a promise from Infinity Ward. Here’s everything we know about Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Mode, as per the leak.

  • Ranked Players will advance up skill divisions and tiers by earning ‘SR’, which is adjusted and applied following each match.
    • SR will be calculated by personal performance, the margin of victory, and win/loss.
  • If a Ranked Player wins three consecutive matches, they embark on a Hot Streak which sets their rank emblem alight for as long as they’re winning.
  • Rank is permanent and it persists across multiple seasons, but the ‘Skill Division’ changes with each fresh season. In total, there are seven skill divisions.
    • When a new season starts, Ranked Players will drop one Division below their finishing point for the previous season, with Diamond I being the highest starting Division.
  • Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Mode will be played in a 4v4 structure using every rule, map, and mode present in the Call of Duty League.
  • In keeping with previous Ranked Modes, MW2’s mode unlocks all unrestricted attachments for players (meaning separate classes), locks down restricted items, enables friendly fire by default, and issues suspensions or penalties based on inactivity, disconnecting, and repeated friendly fire.

As with any leak or datamining effort, it’s important to remember that this information may not be final and is absolutely subject to change. However, as Activision is issuing DMCA notices and demanding that the content be taken down, instant credibility is somewhat achieved.

Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Mode should arrive in Season Two, along with what might be an all-new map for Warzone 2.

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