Bethesda (Finally) Announces Launch of Mighty DOOM

It has been going around the houses for years – Mighty DOOM, an adorable, colourful, top-down exploration of the DOOM universe built exclusively for mobile and boasting rogue-lite gameplay. It was a game that first surfaced in 2020 through rumours, and then in 2021 through early-access test phases.

Now, with the uploading of a short, punchy trailer, Bethesda has officially lifted the lid on Mighty DOOM, confirming that the game will release on mobile devices on March 21st.

It’s DOOM, But It’s Cute

It’s a DOOM game in the palm of your hand, shrunken down and made to look adorable, but it’s unequivocally DOOM at its core. With Mighty DOOM, players assume the role of Mini Slayer, a big-headed rendition of the iconic DOOM Slayer, presented in the form of an action figure brought to life and charged with two key goals:

  1. Slaughter all demons
  2. Rescue your pet bunny, Daisy

Yes, that’s genuinely the goal of the game.

With charming graphics that depict every recognisable demon from the DOOM series in a smaller, cuter form, Mighty DOOM isn’t going to impress the fans of the hardcore, visceral mainstream series, but it’s a fun enough game for mobile, on-the-go gamers that want to enjoy some light-hearted run and gun action.

Bethesda dropped the following trailer just minutes ago and announced that pre-registration is live now:

If this looks like your kind of game, then by all means, go onto Bethesda’s website and pre-register. It’ll cost you nothing and it’ll reward you with the Mini Slayer’s pack, which is bursting at the seams with enough goodies to get you started on your Demon-slaying journey.

Of course, as Mighty DOOM is free-to-play, it’s backed by in-app purchases, which is guaranteed to rub some people the wrong way. That’s the sheer nature of most free-to-play games, though – it’s nothing new, and it’s remarkably similar to how Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter has worked for years.

So, time to go and rescue that bunny, I guess?

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