Microsoft Wants Game Pass on PlayStation and Nintendo

Xbox Game Pass Prices

Tim Stuart, the CFO of Xbox, has announced plans for Microsoft to introduce Game Pass “to every screen”, such as longtime competitors PlayStation and Nintendo, as reported by VGC. Other potential screens include Smart TVs and mobile devices, too.

The mobile gaming scene is often underestimated by casual players. And Microsoft’s Game Pass would certainly benefit from further mobility. TVs are more of a niche area, but still convenient for some.


All of this is meant to improve margin expansion, and it would open the door to an unusual amount of freedom in the industry. It’s possible that Microsoft’s omnipresent availability could also prove to be some good offense against the competition, either way.

Naturally, name-dropping the competitors were surely a surprise. It’s a gesture of good faith following the Activision deal, as Microsoft continues to build as much trust as possible.

However, it remains to be seen if Microsoft will stay on this path years after this transitionary period. There’s been a heavy emphasis on changing strategy.

If successful, Microsoft could set a compelling trend. It would be interesting if PlayStation, Nintendo, or other services would follow suit.

But it’s also unclear just how PlayStation and Nintendo fans would respond. These consoles each feature highly distinct franchises. Players often commit to their favorite consoles for exclusives that fit their playstyle.

The Game Pass has been a bit divisive for altering its tier models and pricing. However, it does have a strong library, and remains an effective tool for discovering both new titles and underrated gems.

Indie games have had incredible opportunities to shine through Game Pass. Day one launch access is also a useful feature. Although, Nintendo’s pricing and back catalog of retro games is still a tough deal to compete with.

If you’re a longtime Xbox fan, you can read more about twelve big games coming to Xbox Game Pass in December.

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