Microsoft Employees Are Having Their Free Game Pass Benefit Removed

xbox game pass benefit

Reportedly, Microsoft’s core employee base, which comprises almost a quarter of a million people, will lose their ‘free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’ benefit as of January 2024 – and they’re unhappy about it. It was stressed that while anyone working in Microsoft Gaming and any teams associated with Xbox will keep the free subscription, anyone outside those areas will have their benefit rescinded in just a few weeks.

This revelation was apparently taken to Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, who said he was unaware of the impending changes.

You Get Nothing!

In a report published by The Verge, it was revealed that tens of thousands of employees are losing this sizeable benefit within a matter of weeks, a decision that is understandably vexing some Microsoft team members. It’s not all bad, though – it was made clear that employees will still be able to access an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription at a discounted rate.

It was just a short while ago that the Xbox Game Pass subscription saw its first price hike ever amidst the ongoing struggle with the economic climate that’s seeing layoffs being made across the entire industry.

Do you think it’s fair for Microsoft to remove this employee benefit, or does it not make sense?

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