Microsoft Bringing Xbox PC Games To Nvidia GeForce Now

Xbox Nvidia

Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing Xbox PC games to Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service.

The announcement comes from Microsoft President Brad Smith who, while giving a press briefing in Brussels, said that the company has reached a deal with Nvidia. This deal will see the entire library of Xbox PC games become available on Nvidia GeForce Now. That includes games like Call of Duty, Diablo, and more should the company’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard go through.

According to Twitter user charlieIntel, Smith says that the deal — along with the recently announced one with Nintendo — will bring Call of Duty to “an additional 150 million devices that it’s not on today”.

In addition to the new deal, Smith mentioned that the 10-year deal Nintendo and Nvidia signed is “ready for Sony”. However, Sony is still refusing to sign a deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation should the acquisition be finalized.

“Xbox remains committed to giving people more choice and finding ways to expand how people play,” said Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer via press release. “This partnership will help grow NVIDIA’s catalog of titles to include games like Call of Duty, while giving developers more ways to offer streaming games. We are excited to offer gamers more ways to play the games they love.”

For a while, Nvidia was one of the key proponents against Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. What ultimately changed their argument isn’t known, but what’s known is that a deal has been made between the two companies.

“Nvidia now supports this deal,” Smith said according to those in attendance.

Smith continued, per Tom Warren of The Verge, by saying that the hope is that these deals will help push the deal forward. He says that these deals should show that Microsoft isn’t looking to lock games to its own platforms.

“It’s really a question of whether they [regulators] want to block this deal or approve it with a set of guardrails… remedies, and solutions,” he said.

“Combining the incredibly rich catalog of Xbox first-party games with GeForce Now’s high-performance streaming capabilities will propel cloud gaming into a mainstream offering that appeals to gamers at all levels of interest and experience,” Nvidia Senior Vice President Jeff Fisher said via release. “Through this partnership, more of the world’s most popular titles will now be available from the cloud with just a click, playable by millions more gamers.”

Microsoft is currently attempting to close the $69 billion deal to bring Activision Blizzard into the company.

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