MGS3 Remake Will Reuse All The Original Voice Lines

mgs3 remake

‘After the end of World War Two…’

For a while, fans of the nearly forty-year-old franchise have wondered who will be running the voice lines for the MGS3 Remake. Much of the community has had fears of a lacklustre replacement for David Hayter, the original voice actor for Naked Snake and arguably one of the most iconic VAs in the business.

However – fear not – as it has been revealed that the MGS3 Remake will be reusing all of the original dialogue recorded for the game two decades ago. It’s an ambitious project that promises to boast ‘unprecedented graphics and immersive sound’, but the voice lines will be the same as they ever were.

So, yes – David Hayter is voicing Naked Snake in the MGS3 Remake.

The Best Gets Better

Personally, I think Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the pinnacle of the franchise. With innovative features like camouflage customisation and relatively intense survival mechanics, it offered up a never-before-seen experience for players way back in 2004, and I’ve often considered it a game ahead of its time.

But that’s the visionary work of Hideo Kojima, right?

It was just days ago that the Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake was revealed at the PlayStation Showcase, with Konami dropping a short teaser trailer to hype up the impending release of the game. It was announced alongside the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection, which will release this autumn and has already been confirmed as containing five separate Metal Gear games.

It was confirmed in a Tweet posted by the official page for the Metal Gear series that the original character voices – and the story – will remain the same as in the title that launched back in 2004. This means that no new dialogue will be recorded, and despite having graphics worthy of 2023 (or more likely 2024), the MGS3 Remake will feature the iconic and instantly recognisable dialogue that players first heard two decades ago.


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