Meta Quest 3 Launches This Fall For $499.99

Meta Quest 3 Launches This Fall For $499.99

Meta has revealed its latest VR headset, the Meta Quest 3. Launching this fall for $499.99 this fall, the Meta Quest 3 was revealed via an Instagram post from Mark Zuckerberg.

In the follow-up announcement on the headset, Meta says that the new headset is the company’s “most powerful headset yet”.

“Quest 3 combines our highest resolution display and pancake optics to make content look better than ever,” Meta said. “To power those extra pixels, this will be the first headset to feature a next-generation Snapdragon chipset developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies.”

According to the announcement, the new chipset within the headset will deliver over two times the graphical performance of the Quest 2.

In addition to performance, Meta says the Quest 3 is built for comfort and longer play sessions.

“With a 40% slimmer optic profile compared to Quest 2, Quest 3 is a sleeker, more comfortable headset,” Meta says.

“We also completely redesigned Quest 3’s Touch Plus controllers with a more streamlined and ergonomic form factor. Thanks to our advances in tracking technology, we’ve dropped the outer tracking rings so the controllers feel like a more natural extension of your hands and take up less space.”

If you don’t want to wait for the Quest 3, Meta is lowering the price of the Quest 2 back down to $299.99 for the 128GB version. The 256GB version will cost $349.99.

Are you going to pick up the Meta Quest 3 when it launches this fall? What do you think of the $499.99 price tag?

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