Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Yuri Lowenthal Says Acting For The Game Is Done

Spider-Man 2 Game Yuri Lowenthal

If you needed another sign that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one of the game’s main voice actors has confirmed his work is done. In an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, Peter Parker voice actor Yuri Lowenthal answered a few fan questions about Spider-Man 2 and his time on the game.

One question specifically asked if he had finished voice acting for the new game.

“Yup,” Lowenthal said. “I can’t wait for you to play it!”

Lowenthal also confirmed that motion capture work is done. That said, there is always the possibility of reshoots to clean things up as the game’s release draws closer.

In addition to confirming his work for the game being done, Lowenthal said that he really appreciated the voice work that William Salyers did as Doctor Otto Octavius in the first game.

“[H]e was so good he made my performance better,” he said. 

Lowenthal didn’t answer any other questions about Spider-Man 2 as the AMA was mainly for Skybound Entertainment rather than the upcoming game from Insomniac.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is currently expected to launch in September for PlayStation 5. The game is a direct sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018. It will see players play as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they face off against new villains including the popular Venom.

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