Marvel Rivals Closed Beta Gets Release Date For July 2024

Marvel Rivals Characters
Image via NetEase Games

In a new official blog post today, the Marvel Rivals team finally announced that the anticipated Closed Beta will release on July 23, 2024.

The beta test will roll out at 10 PM UTC / 6 PM EDT, and on July 24 at 7 AM UTC+9. The test will later conclude on August 5, 2024.

Fans can register to join via console or PC. Today’s blog adds that “we will start confirming access daily after the sign-ups go live.”

The blog also revealed a full, extensive list of over 20 available characters coming to Marvel Rivals’ closed beta.

Just a few of the highlights include Black Panther, Groot, Hulk, Magneto, and Peni Parker. Peni Parker got a reveal trailer earlier this month featuring new gameplay.

The closed beta will also feature maps based on Yggsgard and Tokyo 2099. The game modes will include Convoy, Domination, and Convergence.

The developer’s new blog adds that “additional content, including events, tournaments, and live streams, will be unveiled in July.”

For those who are not selected for the closed beta at first, there will be Extra Invite Codes again. The devs confirmed that “we have similar plans for this CBT.”

Marvel Rivals does not currently have a concrete release date for full launch. It will be available on PC via Steam, and the devs confirmed console support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at the latest State of Play.

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