Surgeon Simulator Series Bought By Atari’s Infogrames

Surgeon Simulator

The Surgeon Simulator series has a new owner as Atari’s Infogrames publishing label has purchases the rights from indie publisher Tiny Build.

“More than 10 years after the release of the original, Surgeon Simulator remains a popular and unique franchise,” said Infogrames Manager, Geoffroy Châteauvieux, in a press release. “This was a rare opportunity to acquire a game with a timeless appeal, and we are excited to have Surgeon Simulator within the Infogrames portfolio.”

According to the purchase announcement, Infogrames plans to increase overall distribution of the franchise as well as possibly develop new titles in the series. Currently there are three games in the series: the original game from 2013, Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic from 2016, and 2020’s Surgeon Simulator 2: Access All Areas. The Nintendo Switch received a version of the original game in 2018 that also featured the addition of a local co-op mode that utilized each Joy-Con as a single arm.

This is now the second IP acquired by Infogrames from TinyBuild over the last few months. The studio also purchased the rights to Totally Reliable Delivery Service in April. The relaunch of the Infogrames brand was also announced back in April with Atari putting a focus on the retro gaming market.

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  1. Atari should be pursuing other things like Interplay and Ziggurat. The other thing is getting some studios for instance they’ve had Bubsy for a while and they made it seem like they would find a way to finally make that character stick. I say bring in Bob Rafei and his team of ex-Crash Bandicoot devs to make it. It would also be great if they finally did something with Kya and with Primal Rage. They should just take over System Shock 3 at this point since Tencent doesn’t seem to have interest bring Warren back.

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