Mario and Sonic To Launch Three Days Apart in October


It has been suggested that the all-new Sonic Superstars title will be released on October 17th, thanks to listings on various retail sites. That date falls just three days before the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, pitting the two mascots firmly against one another in a battle for dominance.

There are quite a few shared features between these two games, least of all being the four-player cooperative opportunities and instantly recognisable side-scrolling gameplay. It’ll be interesting to see which fanbase shows up the most in support of these two legendary franchises in October.

Superstars vs. Wonder

Recently, the Sonic Central showcase took place, revealing the future of Sonic the Hedgehog – and it seems that the future of the franchise is stacked full of… Lego? That’s one of the pre-order bonuses for Sonic Superstars – an in-game Lego variant of Eggman, Sonic’s long-term arch-nemesis.

Wonder, on the other hand, has been revealed as the first all-new 2D Mario game in more than a decade, the last of which was released way back on the WiiU – do you remember that console?

Both games promise to be fantastic titles for those seeking a little multiplayer-based entertainment, and they both take existing elements from their respective universes and twist them up on their heads. For instance, Sonic’s new adventure sees Chaos Emeralds used in brand-new ways, while Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces mechanics that can completely alter the way the world around the player is flowing.

Mario vs. Sonic, then.

Sonic Superstars is supposedly launching on October 17th, while Super Mario Bros. Wonder is dropping on October 20th – which are you investing in?

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