Battlefield Game Director Marcus Lehto Has Left EA

Marcus Lehto, the game director at Ridgeline Games has already left EA and his studio after just over two years at the company.

The news was first spotted by @GhostGamingG and @DANNYonPC on Twitter, who posted screenshots of Lehto’s seemingly abrupt departure. All references to Battlefield and Ridgeline Games have been removed, including confirmation from Lehto himself on his Facebook earlier today.

It’s currently unclear if Lehto has left the studio himself, or if the studio has entirely shut down. As DANNYonPC points out, there are currently no vacancies open for Ridgeline Games on the official EA website.

Lehto joined EA following the launch of Battlefield 2042 in a major restructuring for the franchise, where he was building a new development team in Seattle focused on injecting more storytelling into the Battlefield universe. Several months after his official announcement, it was confirmed that Lehto was to be the Creative Director of a new studio named Ridgeline Games.

Earlier this month, Lehto posted a picture of Ridgeline Games and employees in a social media post, seemingly implying that everything was fine.

In a recent earnings call, EA confirmed that it was working on its next Battlefield title which will be a  “reimagination of Battlefield”.

Insider Gaming has reached out to its sources and EA for comment and will update you as we hear more.

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