Lords of the Fallen Launches October 13th, Leaker Claims

lords of the fallen

In 2014, Lords of the Fallen was released, emerging as a ‘Soulslike’ game that didn’t really perform all that well. It was quickly shelved, and the world moved on. But, in 2022, CI Games, the developer of Lords of the Fallen, revealed that a reboot was going to be released. Now, on Twitter, an alleged launch date has surfaced for that reboot, claiming it’ll be released on October 13th, 2023.

This ambitious resurfacing of the dark and twisted Soulslike game that launched almost nine years ago is being powered by Unreal Engine 5, and from what we’ve seen in earlier trailers, it looks equal parts horrific and challenging.

Another Generation

CI Games binned off Lords of the Fallen in order to develop Lords of the Fallen. It may sound bizarre, but it’s an entirely different game with an all-new story, engine, and in-game mechanics. It’s still poised to be a remarkably challenging and dark experience that aims to compete against the likes of Elden Ring, though.

In the most recent trailer, you can get a good look at how phenomenal Lords of the Fallen really seems to be:

It was only a short while ago that a presentation in the form of a hands-off demo was shown to interested parties and the press, and by all accounts, it made for a stunning display. It seems as though CI Games is eager to apply a twist to the Soulslike concept, introducing problem-solving and puzzle sections that rely heavily on the base nature of the game itself – two worlds split by a veil that the protagonist can peer through and transcend.

It’s Stranger Things meets Elden Ring, then?

In a statement captured by videogames.si.com, the game director of Lords of the Fallen, Cezar Virtosu, explained how dark and puzzling CI has tried to make certain elements in the game:

We wanted bosses to shock you, and we wanted body horror, because we wanted you to ask, ‘what is the nature of this world?’ Why is it skeweing things the way it is? Obviously, the nature of it – it’s a huge part of the narrative, and why we’re so keen on having the player piece everything together.

And so, given the hype building around this game, it comes as no surprise that prospective fans – or fans of the older title – are eager to learn when Lords of the Fallen will actually be released.

That’s where one user on Twitter comes in – @ALumia_Italia – a known leaker and reputable source. They’ve claimed that Lords of the Fallen will be released on October 13th, 2023. So, there isn’t all that long to wait, right?

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