Limited Edition Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED Announced by Nintendo

Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is getting its own Nintendo Switch OLED model ahead of the game’s launch in May.

The reveal came at the conclusion of Tears of the Kingdom’s gameplay demonstration earlier today and is set to release on April 28. Due to the slightly earlier release date, the OLED model will not come with either a physical copy of Tears of the Kingdom or with a digital code for the game.

This marks the first time that Nintendo has offered any sort of limited edition of a Switch console based on their first-party properties. The console is coming with its own unique packaging which features art from the game and boasts an eloquent design with a white and gold docking system that features the iconic Tri-Force logo at the center of the design. It’s damn pretty. The Joy-Cons have also gotten a bit of an overhaul to match the theme. They feature a gold design but are decorated with white and green patterns on the left and right Joy-Con respectively.

That’s not all though. More Zelda-themed accessories are on the way and are set to launch alongside Tears of the Kingdom on May 12. Players will be able to purchase a pro controller with a suave black design adorned with runic gold patterns. If you want to play Tears of the Kingdom on the go then you’ll also be able to pick up a carrying case that features a similar design to the controller and features the Tri-Force.

The Switch OLED model is priced at $359.99 while the pro controller and case are priced at $74.99 and $24.99 respectively. The gameplay demonstration of Tears of the Kingdom highlighted a wide variety of new features and mechanics that present Tears of the Kingdom as a worthy successor to Breath of the Wild.

Will you be picking up the Tear of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED?

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