Lightning McQueen is Now Available in Rocket League

rocket league lightning mcqueen

It’s a crossover event that makes so much sense – and it seems like it should have arrived so much sooner. In Rocket League, players can now purchase and make use of a comprehensive Lightning McQueen bundle that changes almost every customisable element of their game: decals, anthem, celebration, wheels, and banners.

I Am Speed

If your dream is to scoot around the field while posing as Lightning McQueen, the main character from Disney Pixar’s Cars franchise, then you can feel free to do so with the all-new crossover bundle that Psyonix recently introduced to Rocket League. There are three new decals to unlock, as well as a classic ‘Ka-chow’ celebration animation, a player anthem based on Life is a Highway, and a series of wheels and banners.

While some components (such as the celebration) can be purchased separately, the best bang for your buck is going to be found in one of the bundles that have been made available.

For instance, there’s the Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle, which will set you back some 2500 credits (around $25) but features everything you could need from the crossover event. If you’re a little lacking in funds, drop down to the Premium Bundle, which costs 2000 credits and loses the player banner and the goal celebration animation. On the most basic end of the spectrum, there’s a decal and wheel set on the market for 1600 credits.

Will Lightning McQueen give you some kind of a buff in Rocket League? Probably not. Will you ever stop saying ‘Ka-chow’ as you slam goal after goal mid-game? Also probably not.

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