Lenovo Working on Sequel to the Legion Go

lenovo legion go

Toward the end of 2023, Lenovo released the Legion Go, an ambitious handheld PC designed to disrupt the market being dominated by the likes of Valve and ASUS. The Legion Go was fairly successful, boasting one of the largest and best-rated screens in the range, as well as removable, ‘Nintendo Switch-like’ controllers that make for a versatile gaming experience.

Now, it appears Lenovo is already preparing to move on to the next iteration of the Legion Go, as a recent quote revealed that the tech titan is looking forward to the next generation of the device.

Go, Lenovo, Go

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, a gaming manager at Lenovo APAC, Clifford Chong, spoke about what might be next for the popular handheld device, touching on a potential follow-up iteration:

We are still spending a lot of resources improving on current Legion Go, over the span of the last six months since launch … And there are still engineering efforts to try to bring the next wave of features to the product. So definitely it’s a category that we do see potential in, and we continue to invest, and we are looking towards, when the time comes, having a next generation to provide even more, better features.

On the current model, Chong pointed out that some design decisions were, for a time, tough to live with. For instance, including an 8.8-inch touchscreen, which is the largest screen among the line-up of handheld PC units, was a risky choice – but it seems to have paid off.

It hasn’t been made public how many units of the Lenovo Legion Go have been sold since the device was released in October 2023, but it’s assumed that it’s doing okay. There are no indications yet as to what hardware or design options Lenovo will settle on for a second iteration, but that’ll come in time.

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