Lego Disney Title Among Multiple Cancellations at TT Games, Report Claims

According to a new report, Warner Bros. Games has recently canceled multiple in-development video games at its subsidiary developer, TT Games.

As detailed by Nintendolife, multiple sources have confirmed the closure of several projects at the studio. One such title was ‘Project Marley’, a Lego Disney game that would have included worlds such as The Jungle Book, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Winnie the Pooh.

The project, which is claimed to have been canned in 2022, saw the player shifting between an overworld and themed dungeons. While exploring, they would battle to rid the world of a purple corrupting force – a storyline that has since made its way into the successfully released Disney Dreamlight Valley by Gameloft.

Another cancellation mentioned in the report was a Lego Guardians of the Galaxy game developed under the title ‘Project Cosmos’. There was also a shooter called ‘Project Rainbow Road’ which would have mashed together multiple Warner Bros. IPs. Unfortunately, it utilized the Funko license which was then lost to 10:10 Games. Finally, a mobile port of Lego Worlds, originally being developed by Playdemic, has also seemingly been dropped.

It appears that TT Games still aren’t out of the woods, either. The report goes on to note that a Lego Batman game has been put on hold and that a planned story-centric Mandalorian DLC for The Lego Skywalker Saga is currently “in jeopardy” at the studio.

The primary reason for the cancellations and postponements, the report claims, is due to TT Games’ resources being directed toward a much larger project: giving the Skywalker Saga treatment to the Lego Harry Potter series. 

The stressful environment surrounding the development of The Skywalker Saga led to multiple instances of TT Games employees speaking out about crunch conditions at the studio. Employees have noted that things have begun to improve since, but news of such large-scale project shifts certainly paints a tumultuous picture of the studio.

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