LeBron James Has Started A Streaming Platform War

lebron james

LeBron James has made it clear that he wants to start streaming some Madden NFL games – but he’s undecided as to which platform he’ll use to broadcast his gameplay. In a somewhat inflammatory post made on Twitter recently, James voiced his desire to stream and asked his community which ‘platform brand’ he should use to achieve that, prompting almost 4,000 responses in less than 11 hours.

Within that pool of responses sat Twitch’s CEO, Dan Clancy, and Kick’s Adin Ross.

Where Will LeBron Stream?

In the post that came out of nowhere, LeBron James professed his desire to stream EA Madden NFL gameplay, but he also revealed he’s undecided when it comes to choosing a platform. At present, his choices would arguably be limited to:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Kick

Immediately, some of the biggest names in the business cast their hat into the ring, trying desperately to secure ‘King James’ for their respective platform. From Kick.com, Trainwreck and Adin Ross made their comments, suggesting that if LeBron came to Kick, he’d ‘get a bag’ – not that he really needs it.

Dan Clancy was a little more professional in his representation of the Twitch platform:

I am a bit biased given that I run Twitch but Twitch is the best platform for engaging with your fans. You also could consider streaming on Twitch and YouTube at the same time.

It’s not yet known when LeBron plans to stream – or if he’ll even stream at all. His comments have given rise to a massive debate that pulled in millions of impressions within hours, and whoever lands LeBron will be able to take advantage of that engagement.

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    1. If they sign him that’s cool but Kick needs to sign another big name streamer like Jynxzi especially since they struck out with Doc. I don’t know if Kai would sign with them maybe Speed would take the chance? If they can focus on throwing the bag at Speed and Jynxzi that would be the move.

  1. This article is severely bias Kick made the better offer not Twitch who was not more professional just sad looking, Lebron knows Kick will give him the bag that’s what he wants and probably something for Bronny too.

  2. Why Twitch said they’re done with giving contracts I mean they refused to give Kai a contract. YouTube said the same but they just gave Valkyrae and Dr Disrespect new contracts. So either YouTube or Kick since they’ll actually pay I’m unlike Twitch. While he’s at it give my man Cash some time of day he should team with CashNasty for his streams get an OG involved.

  3. Kick is his best choice they actually pay besides he just wants extra cash not a serious plan to be a streamer long term just take a Kick deal like Drake and Tyga took

  4. Adin was more professional than Twitch!!!! Lebron will come to Kick since they actually pay! Twitch doesn’t pay anymore and YouTube doesn’t take streaming that seriously.

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