Tarkov Twitch Drops Are Giving Out 14,000 Rounds of Ammo For Free

Tarkov Twitch Drops

There’s still a lot of buzz around Escape from Tarkov right now. It’s that time of the year again when the game wipes, resetting the servers globally and putting every player back down to their base level and equipment. Currently, there’s an attractive Twitch Drops campaign that’s unfolding on the popular streaming platform, and it’s leading to some viewers unlocking insane rewards in Escape from Tarkov.

It’s currently the most popular game being streamed on Twitch – I wonder why?

That’s a Lot of Damage

If you tune in and watch an eligible Escape from Tarkov streamer right now, you’ll be setting yourself up to receive some exclusive goodies in-game. There’s a tiered reward system that gets better the longer you watch, and to unlock everything, you’ll need to watch Tarkov’s most popular streamers for nine hours.

Here’s the tiering system for today:

  • Day 1 Common 1: 1.5 hours
  • Day 1 Common 2: 3 hours
  • Day 1 Common 3: 4.5 hours
  • Day 1 Rare 1: 6 hours
  • Day 1 Rare 2: 7.5 hours
  • Day 1 Legendary: 9 hours

At present, viewers are picking up a bizarre reward for hitting the ‘Rare’ tier – 14,000 rounds of 5.45 PS ammunition. It has been reported by countless players that they’ve picked this reward up, so it’s not just a here-and-there kind of thing – and it’s not yet known if it’s a bug of some kind. It’s safe to say that the players unlocking this ammo will have a surplus for quite a while, even if that particular round isn’t all that effective.

At least, it wasn’t all that effective until the new armour changes came in with the recent 0.14 patch.

Jump over to Twitch now and start watching one of the most popular Tarkov streamers (after linking your account on escapefromtarkov.com) and start earning some tasty bonuses – and perhaps 14,000 rounds of PS.

This Twitch Drops campaign is running until January 7th – there’s a huge amount of content to be unlocked.

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