Tarkov Update Finally Fixes Snowy Footstep Sounds

tarkov update

Battlestate Games took Escape from Tarkov offline this morning for the first time since the ‘wipe’ took place at the end of December. It applied a sizeable update that included a few fixes the community has been asking for since the 0.14 patch was applied on December 27, changing the face of the game and altering how many mechanics work.

Most importantly for many of Tarkov’s hardcore players, Battlestate Games has quietened down the sound of crunchy, obnoxious footsteps when walking through the game’s new snowy landscapes.

Fixed and Fresh

Out of the list of changes Battlestate Games introduced to Escape from Tarkov today, there are a few standout updates that players will be pleased to see:

  • Fixed incorrect ammo penetration and damage calculations in some situations
  • Reduced the loudness of footsteps on snow
  • Fixed an issue that caused infinite loading into a raid when playing as Scav in some situations
  • Fixed the Airdrop loot appearing as not Found in Raid
  • Fixed visual effects of bloom and sun glare on all locations

These changes address some of the biggest bugbears players have been experiencing in the last three and a half weeks. Many players were hoping that this update would remove the snow that has blanketed every map in Escape from Tarkov (except for Labs and Factory) since the early days of January, but that wasn’t the case.

Outside of those tweaks, Battlestate Games also fixed bugged quests, adjusted the behaviour of Rogues, applied a colour correction to Interchange, and increased the spawn points for Scavs on Ground Zero.

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