Latest Life By You Update Gives A Look At Jobs

Life by You Update Jobs

Life by You development is in full swing, but the team at Paradox Tectonic decided to show how jobs will work in the latest update during the Future Games Show showcase on Saturday.

In the gameplay video, players get a look at a barista named Harli Sousa. Players watch as she heads to the coffee shops where she works where she’s then given a number of tasks to complete throughout the day.

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The game will feature a number of both blue- and white-collar jobs to choose from. However, if nothing that’s available tickles your fancy, players can create their own careers and jobs.

Life by You is aiming to be a “fully moddable” life simulator experience with “no loading screens”.

“The creator tools, as well as editors, that you’ll be able to play with in our game, will allow you to get your hands on the same game tool that our game team is using to actually make the game in order to make your own UGC and mods,” King Choi, Paradox Tectonic’s director of marketing said during the showcase.

Life by You comes to Steam early access on September 12.

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