Last Sentinel Revealed With Action-Packed Trailer

the last sentinel

During The Game Awards, Steve C. Martin took to the stage alongside Geoff Keighley to reveal the game that his new studio has been working on – Last Sentinel. Martin is of Rockstar fame and has worked on franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead, but since 2020, he has been leading Lightspeed LA, driving the development of Last Sentinel.

Check out the game’s new trailer below.

Last Sentinel’s Trailer Looks Intense

In a stunning, short-form trailer, we get a look at Lightspeed LA’s new game, Last Sentinel. It opens with emotional scenes, revealing some kind of Dystopian world with stormtroopers and androids hunting down humans – or so they seem at first glance. Then, all of a sudden, ‘The Demon’ appears to save those being oppressed, riding in on a motorcycle and laying waste to a crowd of enemies with surgical precision.

Here’s the trailer:

No release window was given, but the trailer served as a fantastic introduction to Last Sentinel, which was revealed as an open-world adventure game that makes use of the latest technology.

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