Pascal: Last of Us Season 2 ‘Filming is Going Amazing’

the last of us pedro

Following his humorous victory at the SAG Awards that saw him scoop the trophy for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series, Pedro Pascal sat down with Deadline to talk about the progression of the Last of Us television show, of which the second season is being filmed right now. He was reportedly jovial on account of his indulging a little too much, celebrating his first major industry win by necking tequila and revelling with his team backstage.


Pedro Pascal played a perfect Joel Miller in The Last of Us, which debuted in January 2023. During the first season of the television show, the events that unfolded in the 2013 game of the same name unravelled perfectly on screen, with Pascal and his co-star, Bella Ramsay, brilliantly and authentically representing the iconic pair in an all-new entertainment medium.

In the interview with Deadline, Pascal opened up about the second season of The Last of Us:

Filming is going amazing. It’s sort of awe-inspiring the kind of focus and dedication that everyone has going into Season Two. It’s incredible to be back home with them and creatively and everybody, our entire crew, they’re working harder than I could even imagine, even harder than our first season which is close to impossible. It’s pretty inspiring and unbelievable and this (his award) is because of them.

In recent months, casting decisions were revealed to bolster the roster for season two. Some intense scenes are coming up in the second season of the show, which fans of The Last of Us Part II are all too aware of, but it’s not yet known how Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, the show’s writers, intend to have them unfold on screen.

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