Last of Us Part III and Factions Details Potentially Surface

last of us part 3

It has been a confusing couple of days for the fans of The Last of Us that are eagerly awaiting news of Part III’s development – or any tidbits of information about Factions, for that matter. Recently, it appears that information has emerged regarding both of these projects, but things have gotten a little twisted.

From leaks discussing ‘casting info for The Last of Us Part III’ that almost certainly points towards Factions to claims that Part III is ‘starting filming’ this year, there are plenty of notes to clean up. This is what seems to be happening…

Set The Record Straight

Let’s tackle the ‘casting info leaks’ first of all.

DanielRPK posted a claimed leak behind his Patreon paywall that discussed ‘The Last of Us Part III’ casting details, which spoke about a series of characters ‘surviving on the outskirts of a post-apocalyptic city, crammed into a Victorian house that serves as their base.’ It referenced five characters that Naughty Dog is seeking to cast: Lucas, Mason, Val, Ezra, and ‘Gracis’.

It sounded a little bizarre, with there being a note that part of the story sees Ezra try to ‘take the house from Val’. It’s the apocalypse – there are plenty of empty houses, Ez.

Given that there is absolutely no mention of the core cast or story from The Last of Us Part II, it’s highly likely that – if this ‘leak’ is found to be true – it concerns Factions, the upcoming multiplayer – potentially an extraction shooter – coming from Naughty Dog.

Now, Part III

On Twitter, ViewerAnon offered up more information about the assumedly in-development Last of Us Part III. They stressed that they’ve ‘heard Ellie is at least as important in Last of Us Part III as she was in Part II, and that ‘major filming is happening this year.’

That’s as much as we know about The Last of Us Part III, and even that’s an unconfirmed note at present. In December, it was claimed that Naughty Dog’s ‘next game is Last of Us Part III‘, and in May 2023, Naughty Dog came out and said that it would be delaying The Last of Us Factions – or whatever the multiplayer game will ultimately be named, anyway.

What would you be most excited to receive – a new single-player or a multiplayer game?

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