Landfall Releases Final TABS Content Update

TABS Neon Update

Landfall marks the end of an era today, as it just released the final content update for TABS, or Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Landfall worked on the game for over seven years. The devs reiterated in a new Steam post that they currently “have no plans for more content for the game”.

They also thanked the fans for joining them on their journey, and added they are “working on a couple of new games”.

TABS will still receive bug patches, and a PlayStation 5 port is planned to release in 2024.

Landfall teased some of the content in today’s new Neon Unit Creator Update in an official trailer.

The Neon Unit Creator Update adds 20 new weapons, as well as neon abilities, headpieces and colors to the Unit Creator.

TABS was an instant hit, an indie darling that retained a considerable amount of interest over the years.

The basic premise and physics create unpredictable and genuinely funny scenarios. So, the gameplay loop always had a lot of replay value.

Naturally, it also helps that the devs introduced the Map Creator and Unit Creator. These features still allow players to sustain their own content.

Landfall called their final update “bittersweet”, which fans surely agree with. There’s a deeply nostalgic appeal to TABS, and it still has plenty of potential.

But the developers cited interest in developing entirely new projects. And they’ve already dedicated many successful years of TABS updates.

In an official TABS Roadmap, Landfall also mentions that TABS is hard to work on, requiring “a day crashes to even load into the project”.

Landfall is currently developing HASTE: Broken Worlds, a third-person platformer about racing as the world falls apart.

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