Krafton Reveals Subnautica 2 Will Have Multiplayer, GAAS Model

Subnautica Underwater Station

[UPDATE] After seeing all of the discourse surrounding the announcement, Subnautica 2 developer Unknown Worlds has clarified the details about the game’s multiplayer and Games-as-a-Service model.

[ORIGINAL] According to slide 7 in a new earnings report from Krafton, Subnautica 2 will feature multiplayer and adopt a GaaS model.

Though it will still offer single-player gameplay, Subnautica 2 will also support 1 to 4 player co-op. The story is a direct sequel to the original IP set “on an entirely new alien planet”.

Subnautica: Below Zero is the most recent title in the series and launched in 2021. However, it was more of a standalone chapter that added new lore.

Krafton previously hinted that Subnautica 2 could release sometime in 2025, in a previous financial report from 2023. Now, it appears to be releasing this year. The game will also be built with Unreal Engine 5.

Subnautica Combat

The earnings report also mentions “enhanced replayability”. However, adding a Game-as-a-Service model might concern some longtime fans.

A GaaS model will allow Subnautica 2 to continue monetization after launch. It’s a strange new direction, and it could potentially put valuable content behind a paywall.

The sequel might be using this model because it’s focusing on multiplayer. This would resemble other titles that use subscriptions or passes to keep adding long-term content in a shared universe.

But Subnautica lore leaves the door open to endless content updates, especially with a new alien planet. The developers could introduce many new areas, creatures, and more.

Fans are torn between the interesting prospect of multiplayer gameplay, and the drag of GaaS. Still, the model could be more benign if Subnautica 2 wants to create a solid single player experience too.

Meanwhile, Krafton also recently announced plans to franchise PUBG: Battlegrounds and invest further in AI. Krafton’s next big shooter will be Project Black Budget, coming sometime in 2024.

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