Alone in the Dark: Everything We Know About the Remake

Pieces Interactive, the popular video game studio, has been giving fans their horror fix for years now. Their popular “Alone in the Dark” series has seen various installments since the first game’s release in 1992. Now, the studio is reimagining the popular horror game from the 90s, giving gamers an Alone in the Dark remake.

Here is everything we know so far about the Alone in the Dark remake.

What is Alone in the Dark?

Alone in the Dark is a popular horror series developed by Pieces Interactive. The series has seen six installments, with the remake of the first one being its seventh.

The series usually follows the same protagonist, Edward Carnby, as he investigates a haunted house or village, filled with undead monsters.

The original game was unique, due to its usage of 3D graphics in a world of video games mainly being produced with 2D graphics. Since then, the series has upgraded its quality and more, giving horror fanatics some of the best gameplay possible.

The newest title is a complete remake of the original, released for computer in 1992. While this will surely bring back a wave of nostalgia for many players, it will also certainly bring in quite a bit of new fans due to its updated mechanics, graphics and more.

When Will the Alone in the Dark Remake Release?

While many games set to release in 2024 do not have a definitive release date yet, Alone in the Dark does. The popular horror game currently is set to hit stores on March 20, 2024, making it less than two months away.

The last installment in the series flopped, causing Pieces Interactive to rethink their strategy when it came to the Alone in the Dark series. With the success of Resident Evil 2 in 2019, the team quickly began putting together a remake for the original Alone in the Dark game.

Now, after years of development, the game will finally see the light of day, giving horror game enthusiasts a chance to take on some of the evil creatures from the game’s universe.

Will Alone in the Dark be Available on Xbox, PS5 and PC?

While the original Alone in the Dark was only available for PC and Mac at the time, the remake will fortunately be available for a plethora of systems.

So which systems will Alone in the Dark be playable on? Well, luckily, the three main gaming systems will support the new game. This includes the Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

Sorry Nintendo Switch players, at the moment there seems to be no plans for the game to release on the popular handheld platform, but that could obviously change in the future. With the Switch 2 rumored to release in 2024, we might see a bunch of games get brought over.

Still, though, it is a huge win for the Alone in the Dark series to see the remake available on the three major gaming platforms.

What will the Alone in the Dark Remake be Rated?

While the official rating for the game is still pending, it is expected that the game will be rated M for Mature. Already, the Steam webpage for the game requires players to give their birthdate before accessing the page.

Steam’s warning: “This game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.”

While the game does not feature any violence against humans, it still does portray themes of self-harm, suicide, depression and more.

Alone in the Dark is still a fighting game, just as much as it is a horror game, as the main character carries around a gun, killing every monster he comes up against.

Will Alone in the Dark be Multiplayer?

While gaming with friends is preferred by many, games like Alone in the Dark are better left as single-player games. There is something about the loneliness of a horror game that makes it great, which is why the Alone in the Dark remake is set to be single-player.

The game takes on an over-the-shoulder third-person view, drawing similarities with the Resident Evil series. The game is essentially a third-person shooter, as the main character draws a weapon against the monsters trying to attack him.

While this is similar to the original, it is still a bit different. The original Alone in the Dark game from 1992 had a special camera system, using fixed angles. The remake will stray away from that system, and stay with one specific camera angle throughout the game.

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