Knockout City Shutting Down Permanently

Knockout City shutting down

EA and Velan Studios have announced that Knockout City is shutting down its servers permanently on June 6, two years after the game’s launch.

The announcement came via the game’s Twitter account on Thursday evening when talking about the game’s upcoming ninth season.

“We have an important announcement about the future of Knockout City. Season 9 will be our final Season,” the account said. “All servers will be shut down on June 6th. We have more in store, so stay tuned.”

Why Is Knockout City Shutting Down?

In a follow-up post on the game’s website, Velan Studios gave more insight into the decision to sunset the game in June.

“In order for Knockout City to keep growing, a lot of our systems supporting long-term player retention are in need of significant changes. As an indie studio with a limited-sized team, making these sweeping changes to the game while simultaneously keeping the same pace of fresh content through game updates and continued live support is virtually impossible to do.

“We’ve decided to take everything we’ve learned building Knockout City and innovate in new ways. This means stopping development on the Knockout City, and exploring new possibilities in future experiences, whether in Knockout City or a different world.”

Knockout City launched in May 2021 for all last- and current-gen platforms.. A year after its release, the game went free to play for everyone. With support for the game coming to an end, all real-money transactions will be removed starting February 28 when season 9 begins.

There is a bit of good news, though. If you still want to take part in the intense dodgeball action, you can still play via a player-hosted version of the game on PC.

“Even after the official servers go offline, Knockout City can continue to be played for eternity by fans that want to host their own servers,” the studio said.

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