Kick Streamer Breaks the No Sleep Stream Record

If you’re slightly older like me then you wish the alarm never had to go off and you could just stay in your bed forever. For some people though, they actively avoid going to bed and never want to miss a second of the day or miss a second of streaming in this case.

Kick streamer Gifted Prime has now broken the record for the longest stream without sleep. The previous record was set two years ago and came in at 137 hours, which is over five and a half days of no sleep while streaming. Gifted Prime absolutely blew the record out of the water and finally got some much-deserved sleep after being live for 164 hours, this is just four hours off an entire week.

In a clip shared by Jake Lucky, Gifted Prime stated that this record attempt was his fourth, his previous attempts clocking in at 89, 105, and 90 something before he would uncontrollably fall asleep in his chair while he was still live.

I don’t recommend you try this record yourself. It is recommended that you stay awake no more than 17 hours at a time to meet the CDC’s sleep recommendation. Staying awake for over 24 hours will cause the early effects of sleep deprivation, which include fatigue, concentration and coordination difficulties, irritability, increased appetite, and mood changes. Chronic sleep deprivation can also increase the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

The record for the longest period of time without sleep was achieved in 1964 by Californian high school student Randy Gardner who managed to go without sleep for 264 hours (11 days). By the time the 264th hour rolled around, Gardner was experiencing paranoia and hallucinations, but he did manage to recover without long-term health impacts. Although rare, sleep deprivation can kill and usually occurs after three days with no sleep. I know gaming is fun and sometimes you just don’t want the session to end, but your body will thank you for it.