KFC Gave Someone $10,000 For Making Fried Chicken in TotK

KFC Zelda TheRecipeRun

In a crossover that nobody really anticipated, KFC encouraged thousands of gamers around the world to manufacture KFC-styled fried chicken in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in a one-off event named The Recipe Run.

In The Recipe Run, players were charged with tracking down oil, chicken, and eleven herbs and spices of their own choice from across the world, and then combine everything to make a delicious serving of fried chicken. It was a speedrun challenge, so the goal was to do it as quickly as possible – and the winner claimed a $10,000 prize and a one-of-a-kind trophy.

Make Chicken, Make Memories

The Recipe Run was for fun more than anything else, with KFC landing tens of millions of impressions on social media in this out-of-the-box promotion. According to reports that discussed the event, KFC Spain alone recorded more than 2,500 participants in the event, and it featured applicants from seventeen countries worldwide.

For those who completed the challenge, special codes were delivered that would enable them to claim a free meal at KFC – even if they didn’t win the unique chicken-themed trophy and the sizeable $10,000 cash prize.

Here’s a trailer promoting the event (most of it isn’t in English):

It’s not the event that competitive gaming fans were asking for, but it’s certain a memorable one for those that took part. At the end of the day, it was all in the name of fun and there was no fowl play, so…

I’m sorry. I had to.

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