Is There a New NieR Game Coming Soon?

NieR 2B
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Despite its immense popularity within certain circles, NieR: Automata always came across as a niche, cult-classic type of game. It’s a fever dream of a game with so many unique and compelling systems, and that’s what makes its post-apocalyptic world and frantic, action-heavy gameplay so enticing. But we want more. So, is there a new NieR game coming out soon?

Will We See a New NieR Game Coming Soon?

Following a recent report originally published by Gematsu, NieR studio veterans recently started working on an upcoming project. They didn’t state precisely what that project is, but it’s been quite some time since NieR: Automata launched in 2017. If we’re counting the most recent title in the franchise, then NieR Reincarnation, a mobile RPG, didn’t fare well.

While talking about his next project, Saito said:

I’m doing various things with the idea of creating something that does not yet exist. I can’t devote my time to that fully, so most of it has been left to the staff, but it’s turning into something quite interesting. I’m looking forward to the day we can announce it.

Now, something “new that does not yet exist” could reference an entirely new story, either completely separate from the NieR series or within its world. But he continued with the interview, stating:

I’ve been talking about wanting to do something with Yoko and Okabe for some time now. I’ll have something a bit more put-together to say in the not-too-distant future, sp please stay tuned. It might be NieR, it might not be NieR. That’s all I can say for now.

It sounds like it might be NieR, but that’s anyone’s guess for now. We’ll have more information for you as it comes!

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Will 2B Star in the Next NieR Game?

Seeing as you can play as 2B in the last few NieR games, it’s highly likely that the iconic female protagonist will return. If she’s not the main character, then you can bet she’ll appear at some point in the story.

Of course, nothing, including story details, has been confirmed for the next NieR game, so we’ll have to remain patient for the time being!

We’re big fans of NieR and Yosuke Saito in general here at Insider Gaming and are looking forward to more from the NieR universe. For now, check out what else we’re talking about:

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