Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform?

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most electrifying shooters on the market, despite having been released way back in 2015. It boasts a community made up of millions of users, and year after year, Ubisoft keeps pumping the ecosystem full of content. It’s one of the top-most multiplayer titles in the business today, but is Rainbow Six Siege cross platform?

It’s one of the biggest questions prospective fans ask before they jump into the game: ‘Is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?’ It seems that every multiplayer shooter on the market is being released with cross-platform mechanics written into them, but is Rainbow Six Siege one of them?

Let’s find out.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay?

Rainbow Six Siege has limited cross platform mechanics. That means that PC players can connect with Amazon Luna players, and PlayStation players can connect with Xbox players. It’s not possible to play with someone on PC if you’re on PlayStation 5, for example. This is something that the community actively supports, as in many shooters, console-based players get antsy when they’re forced to play against PC gamers.

How To Turn Off Crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege?

So, Rainbow Six Siege cross platform mechanics exist, that much is obvious – but how do you turn them off?

If you want to matchmake exclusively with players on your platform of choice, you’ll need to access the game’s settings menu, navigate to the ‘General’ tab, find ‘Crossplay Matchmaking’, and switch it Off. That’s all that you’ll need to do to connect only with just the players on your platform.