HYENAS Characters List – Abilities and Descriptions

Here’s a full list of HYENAS Characters with their abilities and character descriptions.

Commander Wright (Alyssa Wright)

Special Ability – Bropp Foam Gun

Alyssa’s foam gun fires self-expanding, quick-drying foam to trap enemies and create defences and platforms.

Character Description

On Earth, Alyssa dreamed of becoming an astronaut so she could leave behind all the idiots running it into the ground and build a better future for humanity. However, when The Crack devastated the planet, all the idiots followed her up into space. Alyssa refuses to let this fact ruin her love of space, and fights to maintain her ideals in a lunatic universe.

Galaxia (Galaxia)

Special Ability – Heckle Shield

Galaxia uses localised zero-G tech to shield herself from projectiles by capturing them in a force field and then projecting them back at enemies.

Character Description

Galaxia worked hard to find her true voice, only for her career to take an ass-over- heels tumble when The Crack interrupted her big break by devastating Earth. After losing her shot at fame, Galaxia realised that all her hardships on Earth were training for her own superhero origin story. From the ashes emerged a cosmic Hyena from the fabulous Galaxy of Drag who slays all, whether it’s by using her deflecting ability or by throwing shade.

Prima (Prima)

Special Ability – 1UP Zero-G Harness

Prima wears a zero-G harness to fly in short bursts while steering her flight with small directional rocket boosters.

Character Description

Prima never lets the law get in the way of her wanderlust and thirst for adventure.
Enrolling in ballet school didn’t instill any self-control, just increased her stamina for trouble. When The Crack devastated Earth, Prima embraced the Hyena lifestyle as the ultimate thrill. The universe has finally caught up with Prima’s wildness and she’s happy to ride the crazy train to the end, using her 1Up zero-G ability to literally fly free.

The Pro (Mr. Jones)

Special Ability – Sentry Gun

Mr. Jones can deploy a temporary sentry gun as a defensive and offensive weapon.

Character Description

When The Crack destroyed the prison walls holding Mr. Jones, he escaped to The Taint
to continue his criminal career. Now he’s back in business – although he’s never had to pull a space heist in zero-G with a cosplayer and a ballerina before. Mr. Jones may pine for the good ol’ crimes, but at 5 least now he’s got a sentry gun to mow down anyone that tries to stop him. The true challenge is for him to tolerate his crew long enough for them to split the Merch.

Doc Hotfix (Ye-Jun Mun)

Special Ability – Drono Drone

Ye-Jun is accompanied by his buddy, Drono, a healing drone who will heal Ye-Jun and his allies.

Character Description

Ye-Jun swears he’s a player-character in an FPS, even if the other Hyenas think he’s crazy. An accident with a short-circuiting SEGA Mega Drive opened Ye-Jun’s eyes to the truth, so he sought out a questgiver to help him level up and become a Hyena. Ye- Jun’s narrative arc has led him to take a support role with his healing-drone buddy, who is sometimes the only thing that stops the competitive Ye-Jun from rage quitting.

Digits (Dale S. Tucker)

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Special Ability – Pyro-Discs

Tucker deploys his patented Pyro-Discs to emit an escalating volley of fireworks to control an area and damage nearby enemies.

Character Description

If there’s one thing Dale learned from mud bog racing and being a roadie for out-of- control rock stars, it’s that it’s better to roll with the punches than to try and fight them. On The Taint, Dale’s day job is a pyrotechnics expert for Plundership robberies, although his priority remains being a hard-drinking headbanger from Alberta and bringing metal – and the occasional misfiring firework – to the masses.

Mozie (Asad Duale)

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Special Ability – Sticky Rocket

Once launched, Asad’s Sticky Rocket will stick to objects or enemies on contact, before exploding after a short delay.

Character Description

Asad is smart, stylish, and charismatic; a born leader able to rally people to fight corrupt authority. When Asad arrived on The Taint and saw the injustice and hypocrisy of Mars, he put together a crew and conducted the first Plundership robbery. His daring and legendary robbery of The Black Swan kickstarted the Hyena heists and made him a hero on The Taint.

El Silbon (Izzy Gato)

Special Ability – Big Sister Spy Beacon

Izzy’s sniper rifle is equipped with a spy beacon. Firing it at a location reveals all enemies and rivaL crews nearby, hidden or not.

Character Description

When Izzy served as a sniper on Earth, her SWAT team nicknamed her “El Silbón’ after a vengeful, Venezuelan mythical creature. Izzy’s last case before The Crack was chasing a serial killer who taunted her by stealing her handle. Now she has evidence that the serial killer is still alive and a fellow Hyena on The Taint, so Izzy sits in the shadows as she continues her search and lets her rifle ‘Cantante’ do the talking.

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